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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 14, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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channel. go to greta and tell us what you thought about tonight's show. you can tell us what you didn't like about tonight's show good, night from washington. demand it. get me fox business network. i'll hold. demand it. >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tantaros, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: is there panic at the white house this gas prices are up. president obama's poll numbers are down. not good news at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. so what is a president and his administration to do? backtrack anyone? you remember when the president insisted last week that his administration didn't want higher gas prices? >> do you think the president of the united states going in re-election wants the gas prices to go up higher? is there anybody here who thinks that makes sense?
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>> kimberly: steven chu once said he wanted to get gas prices same as europe. sky high. he had to eat crow yesterday. >> are you saying we no longer share the view we have to boost the gas prices? >> i no longer share that view. >> you did then but don't now? >> it could effect the comeback of the economy. we're worried about that. so, of course, we don't want the price of gasoline to go up. we want it to go down. >> kimberly: say what? >> eric: again, do this one more time. here is the guy who professor chu from cal berkeley. professor. experimental biological physicist at cal berkeley. president obama with no energy experience cast him as secretary of energy where he
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proceeds to make loans to solyndra, beacon, inter 1, $50 billion to g.m. to put together the chrysler volt that doesn't really work at all. this one. this one came out this week. the energy department just gave phelps lighting, one of the biggest corporations in the world $10 million because of their invention of the l.e.d. lightbulb which costs $60, which steven chu said can't afford it anyway. he's incompetent. nice guy. probably a really smart physicist but he shouldn't be secretary of energy. time to get rid of chu. >> andrea: yesterday, too, he said the administration is doing everything we possibly can. everything you possibly can? really? they blocked the pipeline. all i've seen them do is go after the oil companies. i have a quiz for "the five" today. who is making the most money off oil companies? "a," shareholder of the company? likely our viewer. "b," greg's ferret, captain sparkles. or "c," the federal
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government? anybody? anybody? >> eric: government on so many levels. >> yes. >> eric: taxing the oil companies. >> andrea: government raising $86 million from oil and gas companies every day, yet the president is saying pay your fair share. >> andrea: sparkles only gets $25 million. >> andrea: he is a 1%er, though. >> kimberly: share the wealth. bob? >> bob: it's nice to be back. [ laughter ] and have the first topic be chu and gas prices. you will reiterate my point that mr. chu said this well over a decade ago. he is taking it back. why? take him to the wood shed. >> kimberly: 2008. >> eric: -- >> bob: a long time ago. somebody on the white house said you will backtrack. i don't blame them for doing that. i listen to republicans and the guys mooning about the price of gas. george bush administration in june was $4.11 a gallon and i
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didn't hear a single republican moan about it. >> eric: so under george bush gas prices increased and so did oil prices but then he started to drill offshore it dropped to $133 a barrel to $33. i swear to you this will bring the gasoline down $1 a gallon. wait a minute. this will bring the gasoline down. if energy secretary chu or president obama opened this envelope, president obama will win re-election. will he call? i doubt it. here it is. want it? open the envelope. >> greg: here is the deal. chu illustrates what happens when the faculty lounge collides with the real world. all bad ideas are good on the campus. but then then starbucks socialism leaves the class room and hits the highway, it falls apart. everyone is talking about the poll numbers and saying well we, it's not contraception.
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it is about contraception and gas prices. feminists should be outraged if they have to pay that much money for gas to drive to the clinic to get free birth control pills. gas prices is a feminist issue. they should be outraged. >> kimberly: i want to talk about this. are you ready for this, bob? relax. take it easy being back with the show. we'll talk about obama numbers. got a little problem. some of the polls, bob, with women, which is traditionally a group he has been able to rely on at the polls to help drive him in the white house. does he have an issue now? >> bob: well, you talk about the "new york times" poll. one that i find reliable. it's so far out of an squat liar poll, the average poll with women for obama is 50% favorable. they have him at 41%. i'm not surprised to see the problem with women. i said this all along, the biggest indicator of re-election for a president is
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disposable income. and gas prices are the hardest thing to hit you for disposable income. unemployment doesn't matter in terms of the overall vote. but gas prices will. gets to $5 a barrel, you could beat him. i don't think it will get to $5 a barrel. i don't think any single thing you've got in the envelope, besides a great -- that blonde is good looking. >> andrea: based on what you say, should the president stop with the war on contraception and focus on gas prices? it seems to greg's point, women don't really -- i mean, they are angry they got to drive. but not that angry. >> eric: i had a long debate with the producers this morning about this. i'll prove without question tomorrow when i feel a little better while contraception is helpful, not hurtful. >> andrea: but it's with voters that he would have had anyway. the women would have voted for barack obama anyway. he doesn't need the feminist vote. he has it cornered.
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>> kimberly: unless he feels vulnerable. he needs to mobilize them. >> eric: hitting on the point. he should turn his attention to the economy. and gas prices. but he doesn't. he can't. he should. >> kimberly: won't drill. >> eric: not going to stay on anything that is not the economy or gas prices. >> greg: obama's big mistake is what all men do. that is we miss the big picture. i'll come home from a late night of drinking and i'll buy flowers, but the flowers don't matter if i'm not wearing my pants. the fact is -- >> kimberly: did that happen last night? >> greg: women care about everything. it's not just about contraception. it is about the economy. they don't buy in free gifts like free pills. can i point out that david axelrod pulled out of bill maher's show. if that is not a sign of panic, i don't know what is. >> bob: what is a sign of panic is a vision in my head of you without your pants on. i can only imagine what that
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does to your wife. there is more oil drilled in the united states today than in the last decade. one. two, we take less than 50% of the oil from overseas, which i believe in s the first time in the last ten years. george bush had $4.11 a gallon gas. >> kimberly: but he put forward to the drilling could happen. now reap benefits of it. >> andrea: after he said drill. set it off the coast of florida but his brother wanted to get re-election. >> kimberly: real quick. i want to get to the bill maher thing. >> eric: bad news, bob. good news? gallup poll shows women approval rating of barack obama is increasing. you are 100% right. it's higher than when he started. higher than at the beginning of the year. here is the bad news. the economy. 60%, 59% of people disapprove of his handling of the economy. 63% of gasoline. 59% feel he has no idea.
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>> bob: is that a shock to you? >> eric: no. >> bob: the pressure is when you get in polling booth and look at the questions, is barack obama or mitt romney the one to hand this for you? if you are right and think romney will do it for you, then obama will lose. >> andrea: the poll, he beats him by seven point information the poll. >> bob: that is so far off. >> andrea: why every poll that we cite -- >> bob: not that. but among independents, romney is in the worst shape of any public figure in america. >> andrea: not according to bloomberg. >> bob: bloomberg should stick to business. >> kimberly: how do you know it went get better as it goes forward and they select nominee versus everything fragmented? he is ahead to head in 49-45, obama tight in support of women. >> bob: if you have an economy that bad, numbers are that bad. >> greg: you can't ask women to vote for you as a favor.
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that's what obama is doing. vote for me so i'll do another job. but obama is saying give me another four years. it doesn't buy in favor. >> bob: we'll do a better job maybe. >> andrea: i think he assumes women are stupid. >> bob: no, he doesn't. >> andrea: he does. he assuming women are dumb and all we care about is birth control and vaginal sonograms. >> bob: crazy guys in virginia who decided to do a sonogram on women -- >> kimberly: all right. all right. >> bob: they ought to be hung up. democracy i am throwing a -- >> kimberly: i am throwing a flag on bob beckel. coming up, attorney general challenging voter i.d. law in texas. we hear the plex nation. e-mail us at and welcome mr. beckel back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: attorney general eric holder feeling the heat
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over the department of justice decision to have border on the state of texas. at issue, the lone star state passed a law requiring photo i.d. for a vote for president. sounds simple enough, right? need an i.d. to smoke, drive, drink. why not require photo-i.d. to vote? eric holder. >> we want to make sure the elections are free from fraud. as a result, you disenfranchise people. n texas. it's unnecessary. >> eric: so states already have voter i.d. laws. what is the beef d.o.j. has with texas? >> kimberly: oh, c'mon. this is an issue that left the state to figure it out. voting i.d. laws. this is something that will
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disenfranchise. why is it ridiculous to show picture i.d. to prove who you are? it makes the voting process better because of the certainty with respect to who is voting and not voter fraud. >> greg: eric holder could politicize a bucket of kitte kittens. he has there is no evidence. has he heard of google? search engine. plug in voter fraud and i got a lot of examples. when i got bored and google images of kimberly. but i found examples of voter fraud. they said the laws do not affect the voter turn-out. they help the voter turn-out. >> andrea: just listen to bob tell stories of the campaign. >> bob: the texas state legislature and that governor who is trying to keep the hispanic vote down to keep the
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democrats away from the polls. it's simple. i understand the gig. they do it because a lot of people are black and brown and vote democratic. i didn't finish my point. i'd have to see the evidence. but leaving that aside, it's pure and simple, vote intimidation. that's what the republicans are favoring. >> greg: dra matt nick 2004- -- dramatically and 2004 and 2010 voting went up. >> eric: where did holder get information that 20,000 people don't have i.d. to vote. and there is no evidence of voter fraud in texas at all. how does he know that? what is so bad about a fair and honest voting process? >> andrea: i'd think they would want fair and honest voting process. there could be a solution to get people i.d.s if they don't have
11:18 pm
don't fear, don't panic about this. the u.n., human rights council is investigating this, everybody. wipe the sweat off your brow. they will come to an easy answer of what is going on. instead of investigating human rightrights in north korea and china, they will investigate this. >> bob: i did a race for harvey, against jesse helms, they sent out a phony letter from the justice department saying they place five-year penalty, $5,000 fine. i see that no different between that and this of what the right wingers of texas did. simple as that. dew press the democratic votes. plain and simple.
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>> eric: 31 31 states have voter i.d. law. >> greg: if you show it stops voting i'd agree. >> kimberly: there is no evidence to support that. >> greg: they say it's a huge burden because you force people to pay to get other proof of i.d. to get voter i.d. you need a copy of your birth certificate, which is like $20. this is a mistake that the left is making about modulation. they call this untenable burden. this is the same argument with pills. $9 a month. americans are tired of hearing this is an impossible struggle. >> eric: check out this poll. eric holder highlight of the year. maybe it's time that obama -- sorry, obama removes eric holder. they are handling the
11:20 pm
investigation. what you think of arizona or the immigration law, brian terry is killed, fast and furious. and then they investigate the nypd. >> bob: this is an example of why eric holder is one of the greatest attorneys general of all time. >> greg: >> talk about distracted. do you think that is a list of priorities? >> bob: of c.i.a. torture -- >> andrea: how about investigating our own c.i.a. agents. >> bob: good idea if they break the law. >> kimberly: they did not. >> bob: yes, they did. >> kimberly: they wrote the memo and then they want to prosecute people doing their job for this country. >> bob: let me guess. that memo came out of that brilliantly phi beta kapa gonzalez who was george bush's attorney general, right?
11:21 pm
>> bob: you are making the point that every -- >> greg: you are saying the attorney general is flash point for the other side. left hated gonzalez. people on the right don't like this guy. it doesn't change anything until somebody on their side is upset. right? >> bob:th neese was a good attorney general. i thought he was good. >> kimberly: that was nice. >> to go. coming um, newt gingrich and mississippi and alabama were must-win states. newt lost mississippi and alabama. why is he staying in the race? we will ask krauthammer next.
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." rick santorum was dancing last night. not with himself, but the supporters in alabama and mississippi. as he had a big success last night south of the mason-dixon line. mitt romney is leading in the delegates but what about newt gingrich? our own charles krauthammer had to say about staying in the race. could be vengeance. listen to charles. >> gingrich had a terrible night. i thought his speech was even worse. mocking tone toward romney. romney had a bad night, but gingrich had a worse night. that was his home court. if he can't win in alabama and mississippi, where can he win? it had tone of a man who knows it's out of his reach but he wants to stay in there and settle some scores. >> andrea: robert, you get the sense after iowa, where romney went after newt gingrich so fiercely, that he
11:27 pm
is staying in the race to settle scores. if you look at the tell gait count, rom -- delegate count, gingrich has 131. the math doesn't add up for gingrich. why would he possibly stay in the race at this point? >> bob: there may be something to what krauthammer says. i don't know how much he dislikes romney or santorum, but there is no reason, none for him to stay in the race. that is for sure. >> greg: i have a reason. >> bob: okay. let me make a point here. after this, where does he go? he will be killed in every other state he goes into. santorum will go to a place where he gets the laundry put to him and he will realize this race is over. it's over. the question is, i think the republicans have a reason to be concerned. santorum calls romney a liar and the rest of this stuff. at least get one of them out. i think gingrich has no reason to stay in except please his wife. >> andrea: real quick, republican leaders do you think they will push him? or they are pushing him to get out? >> bob: they went to adelson
11:28 pm
and asked him to stop giving him money. didn't do it. the problem with the republican leaders who are they? secondly, in a position to do that. who can stop the super pac with an influence on this? >> eric: newt gingrich is now floating the idea of trying to get on santorum's ticket so they can together beat romney, which is kind of ridiculous. here is the issue for republicans. what is better? get to a romney nomination quick sore the focus be obama or romney. or keep this going on for a while so billion-dollar obama campaign doesn't have the target to focus on. right now thigh have a bunch of targets to worry about. that could be santorum or romney. >> eric: don't think for a second it's santorum. >> bob: that is out the door. >> andrea: romney was on "america live" with megyn kelly and he gave one of the best interviews.
11:29 pm
>> kimberly: very good. >> andrea: i watch this and i'm like this campaign has been brutal but he has gotten better and better. >> greg: people see romney as cheerios when they want honey nut cheerios. it's like mitt with 45% more newt. he has pizazz. newt, newt is the guy at the bar who realizes he's not getting the girl and doesn't want you to get the girl either. so he is not leaving the ball. the eternal third wheel. we all know them. >> eric: there is a name for that. >> greg: i won't use it. he had victories but he didn't drink mitt's milkshake. he drank newt's milkshake. >> andrea: speaking of cheerios and drinking. dick morris had comments. listen to him about romney and
11:30 pm
last night and how he didn't do so well with conservatives though he has the most delegates. >> you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. it was pretty clear that romney has now lost georgia, south carolina, mississippi, alabama, tennessee, oklahoma, kansas, you think they are trying to send him a message? >> you can't win the nomination of a party if the base camp doesn't vote for you or can't stand you. >> andrea: you heard this. conservatives don't want the honey nut cheerios. >> andrea: he is trying to do -- >> kimberly: he is doing what everybody says he has to do. krauthammer to morris. he has to get conservative voters. if you look across the board, he fails to get the conservative voting blocs he will need to carry it forward.
11:31 pm
if he the last man standing, does it matter? are they going for president obama instead of romney or coalesce the conservative voting bloc with support of santorum and get behind romney? >> bob: that was one of themo unenlightened political analysis out of morris and i heard a lot of them. the fact of the matter is every one of those states he listed, if i were a republican i would win them. he says republicans will win the states, conservative vote or not. it will happen. you're right. one thing that ought to happen. the problem that romney has got with the conservatives he is not a conservative. does anybody ask why he favored a mandate? megyn kelly? >> andrea: she did. >> bob: if he can answer that -- he was in favor of mandates years ago. >> andrea: issue with the planned parenthood he supported choice until 2005. planned parenthood, on the board of romneycare. had troubles. she asked about the issues. some of the answers were good.
11:32 pm
some were wishy-washy. the question is enthusiasm. he gets the nomination. are voters enthused enough to vote for romney? >> greg: the problem is momentum the race of the momentum has pacing of line at bank. a slog. like walking to work with bob. >> bob: you don't have a conservative candidate. >> andrea: does it help in the general election? >> kimberly: i think it will. >> bob: you can't be that good. >> andrea: we'll keep fighting in the break. coming up, he has been flying the u.s. flag outside his business for 30 years. now he is being threatened with jail time if he doesn't take down old glory. next on "the five." 5-hour energy?
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." my friends tell me that they are reading twitter in the break. i understand, thank god bob is back. now they say would you get rid of him. even score. vote now if you want to. yesterday, more veterans knocked on the door of the late county democrat. in protest of this. an american flag who stars were replaced with a head shot of president obama. a bit of a -- [ inaudible ] this is courtesy of "orlando sentinel." >> we'll check it out. >> it's in violation of the code. >> i'm saying i will check it out. >> we'll check it -- take it
11:39 pm
down for you. >> no, you will not. it's private property. >> bob: i don't know who that was be you if he said it to me i would have taken hit down, like his face. >> eric: he is a war veteran. he risked his life for our freedom. when you present an american flag, there is a proper way to do it. you have don't slap anything you want on the american flag. people died for the flag. you respect it. >> greg: i disagree completely. that was such an improvement over the previous flag. i was so tired of all the little stars. where you only need one big star. that is president obama. because remember, he is bigger than all of us. he said american exceptionalism was quaint. >> bob: that is because you can't see all the stars. andrea, what do you think about this? >> andrea: this is a tricky one. i don't like to tell people what to do on their private property but it's a slippery slope issue. the flag, desecrating the flag? really? i do agree with eric on this.
11:40 pm
you have to keep the flag the way that the flag was intended. >> bob: go to the legal expert here. what do you think? >> kimberly: no, no, no. leave the flag the way it's supposed to be. no disrespect to the presiden president. it's not his face that desecrating but you are if you do something with the flag that is not supposed to be there. >> bob: i have seen the flag with different sill bombs on it over the years, but i -- symbols on it over the years. why were the veterans taken time out. you have to walk to get there. >> andrea: gas prices are so high. they couldn't drive. >> eric: they risk their life. people die for the flag. when they put stars back on the flag, how many do they use? >> bob: 57. i think the president is proven right. you know, there was another story about a flag. fellow had his flag in
11:41 pm
georgia. put on his property. fairly large flag. they came down and said you got to get rid of it or get $1,000 fine. i think that's the substance. is that right? >> eric: yeah, actually it has been there for 30 years. the county said move the flag. it's abinstruction or you get $1,000 fine. i spoke to him. honestly, see the picture there? that is at the corner of a busy intersection. i said do they have a problem with the flag or the placement of the flag? he said the placement of the flag. move it back it might be all right. he said yes. move it back! >> andrea: again, this is his private property. it has been there for 30 years. you wonder what have code enforcement officers doing for 30 years. >> kimberly: when did the flag become the bad guy? >> bob: the property in 30 years, a lot of that intersection is growing up. a lot of businesses built there and more cars.
11:42 pm
a legitimate argument if it's blocking the view. >> andrea: that doesn't hold up. if it's blocking the view of ten car, isn't it blocking the view of one car, isn't the one car just as important 30 years ago? i don't buy this at all. >> kimberly: fine him. >> greg: what story is this? tim is about the flag. >> greg: i ran a flag store. i had big -- >> bob: yours had different stripes. i don't understand. keep his flag where he wants to but if it's an obstruction, it's obstruction. if somebody is killed there because they can't see, then i think somebody will -- by the way, we're talking georgia, not massachusetts. conservative area. >> kimberly: very patriotic. >> eric: there are stories that town comes in and says remove it completely.
11:43 pm
don't confuse this. this is placement of the flag. >> andrea: our tax money goes to flag patrol? >> bob: they asked me to remove myself from my front yard. >> kimberly: that really happened. >> bob: told me i have to tease. i was going to tell a great story. okay, i won't. up next, facebook, twitter? drama about friending and unfriending. greg will explain it to me when we come back. what is unfriending? ♪ ♪ ♪ having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation ♪ ♪ puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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♪ ♪ >> greg: the whole truth. slip-on. welcome back. a new survey says lefties are less tolerant than righties online. the pew poll, is there any other, examined how facebook and twitter user res responded to comments they didn't like. of those who unblocked or unfriended someone, 28% liberals, 16% for conservatives. a massive difference. here is my theory.
11:48 pm
both political stripes think they're right. but the liberals have it easesy. left wing views are unchallenged. most people politely nod along. remember the '70s? mod? mask? that decade was a long screen by a shrill hoagress. but when faced with someone they disagree with online they berate or mock. that's the same thing when fox news comes on. some people can't handle a popular network when they don't form to their view. i understand blocking people on twitter for vulgarity. but it's like putting your hand over your ears and yelling blah, blah, blah, i'm not listening to you. which is what i would do to bob if he wasn't so darn adorable. be helpful instead of hurtful. the first one to tweet me a
11:49 pm
decent deviled egg recipe gets a free book. the worst recipe gets two free books. old joke. old joke. bob, you're here and id's four against one. most of the twitter viewers disagree with you. but they are nice to you, aren't they? >> bob: most are nice. yeah. they say i like it, or some say you big fat commie. at which time i get back and say thank you for your kind words and your mother married your brother -- and one guy said my mother married my -- [ inaudible ] i can't read the twitter thing. those people are reasonably good folks. >> greg: except when they get the anonymity factor.
11:50 pm
they keep creepy and weird. >> kimberly: they hide behind a veil. like a full assault on twitter for things people say. how about the thin skin? people, some like liberals. you at this or that. right away you're arch enemy number one. >> greg: i like it. i don't whine about that. i like the fact they can't stand me. that's -- >> andrea: i don't mind if they disagree with my politics. but if you're a woman, nasty name-calling. >> greg: male feminists come after you. >> andrea: that is when i block them. people get in debates on facebook. i have friends that will literally i have a friend who fights with their friend. befriended him seven times or something. dramatic.
11:51 pm
say something nasty and defen defriend him. >> eric: you have no idea how many nasty libs come after me. i say conservative things. not afraid to say it. >> kimberly: some is vicious. >> eric: sometimes they say things that riles them up. i don't block them unless it's hate speech. if you have hate speech, goodbye, you're blocked. it's great, great. you learn a lot. >> bob: if i knew how to block people i would. the stuff i get, by far the tough stuff is from liberals. >> kimberly: hard on you, right? >> bob: hard. >> kimberly: it's true. >> bob: who bothers me is some of the jerks from the left say you're not a liberal. i have more liberal credentials than all of you combined who sends me. that who is the greek guy from -- >> andrea: easy. >> bob: whatever his name is. whatever his name is. he has never done a campaign in his life.
11:52 pm
shoots his mouth off like he is a big liberal and takes on fox. all i can say -- >> andrea: not all greeks are as smart as i am. >> kimberly: we are so close to an apology. >> greg: bob is great. >> kimberly: they're lucky to have him on your side. >> bob: when everybody kept call me a fat pig on red eye i lost weight. when i said i will give away a book, i will. it just may not be my book. it could be a book i found on the street. one more thing is next. if you leigh now i won't let you borrow my stapleer again. ♪ ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." time for one more thing. on a serious note i want to take a moment to honor one of the fallen navy seals that passed away in august in the helicopter crash. take a look at him right there. nick, his job with the seal team was in fact he was the guy that would go in and detonate all of the explosives and things that were putting everybody else's lives at risk. truly an american hero and a patriot. his mother tracy was kind enough to send us pictures of her son and let us know
11:57 pm
something that had happened. she had honored the grave site, memory of him and the things he loved, west virginia university. sad to report somebody stole the things that his mother put there at the grave site. this is what the university was proud of. they won the orange bowl. we're asking whoever did this to do the right thing and return the items to this family. to the fallen story that served the country so well. dedicate part of the program to him and thank my friend karen who let me know about it. >> bob: that was very nice. whoever took those things, you are the worst kind of punks. >> bob: i was in the hospital for a few days and i want to thank the wonderful nurses who were there, great to me, professional. i also want to apologize, because i did steal a wheelchair. i went rolling down the hallway and i ran into a guy
11:58 pm
getting back from surgery. they didn't get me in trouble. thank you for that, sir. i don't know what your name is. i'm sorry, i hope i didn't hurt you. thank the nurses again for not getting me arrested. >> eric: knocked the glasses off. >> bob: i felt bad about that. >> eric: a lot of things going on in the economy, and obama took time to see ncaa hoops. take a look. do we have that? maybe. there he is. he picked his bracket yet as well and released them. obama and i both have ohio state university, university of north carolina, and missouri in the final four. and look at this one. he has kentucky. i've got duke. both of us picked unc to win the whole thing. president obama, good luck my friend. >> andrea: ground-breaking research everybody. according to scientific american magazine, men suffer
11:59 pm
mental decline when women are around or when they are just thinking about women. >> bob: what is surprising about that? >> andrea: in the end they say we believe this could be, this could be likely men sexualize neutral informations but further study is necessary. >> bob: i'll be happy to participate. >> bob: honestly? greg? >> bob: what is a big deal about that? >> greg: yesterday, i plugged a book. it will plug it again because nobody can find it and they can't spell the name. author for "envy" is helmut schoeck. s-h-o-e-c-k. it's a fantastic book, 40 years old. missed you, bob. >> kimberly: welcome back. special happy birthday to michael from "the five." happy birthday. have a great day. thatt